2 Day 1 Night Tour

Gili islands & Snorkeling

All Islands of Indonesia is a paradise for lovers of exotic travel.

Discover this amazing islands

Gili's are small islands just a couple of hours by boat from Bali
These tiny islands off the northwest coast of Lombok are a gem in Southeast Asia! A perfect tropical getaway for adventure lovers and also a great place to unwind yourself
Go with some friends to explore this islands. If you guys haven’t been yet, you must!

Bicycles and Horses.

Exploring the cutest little island of Gili for a couple of days, where the only mode of transportation is a bike or horse & carriage Gili Taxi!
Cidomos (horse and cart) and bicycles are the only ways to get around our little island making you really feel like you're on an island!
Life is just like riding a bicycle — in order to keep your self balanced, you must keep moving 🚴🏻‍♀️
Hiring a bike during your stay is a great way to explore the beautiful island
It can take around 2 hours to go around the island in the slowest pace and taking pics with the bike.

Snorkeling Tour

An underwater sculpture called “The Nest” consists of 48 life-size human figures that form an eternal underwater round dance, attracting underwater inhabitants. 🐠🐡🐙🐟🦀🐬 In the future, sculptures will be covered with marine vegetation, and human figures will gradually turn into a coral reef. They are only about 4 m down of the water surface therefore it is very easy to dive and see the art from close up. ⁣
Have you ever swam with turtles? 💦 🐢 The Gili Islands are one of the sea turtle capitals of the world!
Swimming with turtles will always be one of our favourite activities 🐢 Have you ever seen turtles while scubadiving or snorkeling?
Time to grab a friend and explore the sea This biorock process is used to regenerate areas where coral reefs have been destroyed, to re-populating these areas with Life These vintage Vespas and their surrounding Biorocks are home to hundreds of fish already.
Jump on your underwater scooter and and go for a ride and Selfie time with your friend on the motorbike
This is tour include
Pick up & drop by car from your hotel on the Bali Start hotel pick up morning around 06:00 - 07:00 am.
Boat tickets round trip from Bali to Gili island
Start fom harbor in Padang Bay around 09:00 am.
Upon arrival to the island our people will meet you and organize transfer by Cidomos (horse and cart) to your Hotel After that we will arrange snorkeling for you and provide bicycles for you to ride around the island.
What must be brought :
- Change clothes - Some of your favorite swimsuits - Dress, dress, one more and another dress
Not Include:
- Hotel & Meal Find hotel you love, something you are genuinely passionate about and just go for it!